2 Simple Rules

The Project is wonderfully simple, and deceptively challenging.



Repeat a simple creative task every day for the duration



Record each day's effort


It's that simple, and that difficult!

Choose one creative 'exercise', and then repeat it every day for 100 days.  Record each daily effort and see what evolves in the work and in the self over time.

The project gives anyone (regardless of age or ability) a framework and the permission to be creative. It challenges you to dig deep into your creative reserves, to rely on your readiness to work in order to achieve creative breakthrough.

It can be an end to procrastination, and the development of resilience. It takes a lot of energy, and yet the rewards can resonate for a long time after the 100th Day is over.

You do not need to have any creative or artistic skill to take part in the project and you can participate from anywhere in the world.