100 Days 2017

Not sure what you will do? 

Have a look at the previous years' project participants via the original 100 Days Project website, in New Zealand. There are also some examples below from the some of the Day 100 Edinburgh Show from 2017. Visit the 2018 section of the website to see examples of last year’s projects.


Isla chose to capture a piece of contextual art and fold it into an origami crane, photographed in context everyday.

A 14cm square of paper was the canvas for Isla's daily mark making, using a variety of methods and materials. Some days the work took 10 minutes, others took hours, depending on the time Isla wanted to spend.


A home from a fairytale everyday.

Eilidh had to draw upon fairytales from around the world to find 100 homes to illustrate. Using ink, pencils, watercolours, printmaking, and pop-ups, Eilidh illustrated her take on a different building everyday from Sinbad's village on the back of a whale, to Sleeping Beauty's castle.


Maggie and her adventures with Steven Seagull.

Maggie made a stuffed Seagull from old jumpers, and then took a photo of Steven everyday for 100 Days.

Betty Cashmere.jpg

Betty's aim was to find her style, and to draw everyday.

In the first few days Betty experimented with collage and ink, looking at subjects like buildings and faces, but as the 100 days marched on, found her stride drawing different colourful women.