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Day 100 Show Edinburgh

Arrangements are in full swing for the Day 100 Show for the 100 Days Project Scotland. This is a show to celebrate everyones efforts during the 100 days, and to allow everyone to meet and share their experiences.  The TENT Gallery at Edinburgh College of Art is booked! This is where we had the Day 100 Show last year and you can see more about that by looking at the 2017 area on this website. 


Day 100 Show Edinburgh 2017

This was a photo taken only minutes after opening the show in 2017. 

Fantastic news! Anyone who has been involved in the 100 Days Scotland Project can be a part of the show. There will need to be a small participation fee to cover the set-up of the space, promotional materials, and the refreshments for the show opening.

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Show Running Times

The plan for the exhibition is as follows; 

Opening Hours; 

  • SHOW OPENING NIGHT - 6pm - 9pm 31st August
  • Saturday and Sunday 11am - 4pm 
  • Monday - Tuesday 10am - 4pm

The opening night is sponsored by the fabulous Cross Borders Brewing Company who will provide beer for our guests, and some wine and soft drinks will be available to those who are not so beer inclined. 

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Book Tickets for Opening Night

The Eventbrite event is now online for you to share, and a link to this and the Facebook event can be found below; 

Eventbrite Event link

Facebook Event Link

Tickets are free, but this gives us an indication of numbers and catering expectations, so please book a ticket for you and any guests you will be bringing

...and there's more...

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A Digital Show! 

I am very excited to also announce that there will be a digital scan of the space being taken the morning after the opening.

This will result in an online walk-through video of the exhibition, as well as a 360 degree navigable internal scan of the exhibition which will allow you to visit the exhibition space online after the show is over. This is great for people who can't make the show in person, like Emma Rogan in NZ, and a lovely digital record for participants.  

The scanning will be done by a very clever group of people with some amazing tech - more details about them to follow - but should you wish to see an example of this, please visit the following website showcasing the digital tour of a beautiful flat in Edinburgh; http://www.uniquechiclets.com/castle-view-apartment