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If you have been participating in the 100 Days Project Scotland and want to celebrate your amazing achievement by being involved in the Edinburgh show, please sign-up by completing the form below. The show will launch on Wednesday 25th September and will run till Sunday 29th September. The deadline for initial sign-up was Day 90 but I have extended this to Day 100 - so even if you don’t know any details, please just fill in the form as best you can and we can chat about the rest - it’s supposed to be fun.

Name *
This is the way I will refer to your project on the show artwork, but don't worry, this is not set in stone until I announce the information deadline for sending to the printers.
This allows me to understand your project and get a feel for the type of work we will be displaying. This is especially important if you have not been sharing your work on social media as I may not know anything about your project as yet.
(use N/A if you do not have an Instagram account)
This will allow me to add you to the Facebook Group where all participants can communicate. (Use N/A if you do not have a Facebook account - I will communicate via email)
This allows me to easily find your work (so I can have a nosey!) but also feeds into the first draft of the Show Artwork.
This is just a first stab - for example I have a mix of physical objects and the images I have been sharing, so I would like to display some of both. I would like a bit of hanging space, with a surface to lay some physical objects on. Someone who has been recording videos can have a computer with those videos playing on a loop, and navigable if people want to interact. Again, this is not set in stone, but just to give me an initial idea of what you may be wanting to display.
Set-up - just to get an idea when you may be able to help *
We will have access to the space on Sunday 22nd. We will have some work to do to get the space ready to receive work, and as many people as we can get involved the better. I will know more closer to the time, but knowing how many people may be available on the different days will be useful - I appreciate this is a wee while away, so tick as many options as you like at this stage, and we can confirm dates closer to the time. Please let me know when you may be able to help. Again this may change, it's just to give me an initial idea.
If there is anything you want to add, please feel free in the space below, or email me at 100daysprojectscotland@gmail.com

I will be in touch with you all after you sign-up with access to the Show Participants Area of the website and for those of you on Facebook with an invitation to the FB Group.

Once I have an idea of numbers and types of displays I can get busy organising!