100 Days Project
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The Scottish Project 

In May 2017 Isla Munro, designer and tutor, signed up to be one of the 900+ participants in Emma Rogan's New Zealand 100 Days Project.  

The Edinburgh 100 Days show was held on day 103, in the University of Edinburgh's TENT Gallery, and was the most northerly show.  Isla and 21 other participants celebrated their 100 days of creative effort for a short exhibition. 

With Emma Rogan's blessing, Isla ran a Scottish led version of the project in the hope that local sponsors and participants can get more involved (with none of the time zone issues making us all feel a day behind!) On May 14th 2018 the 100 Days Project Scotland began, and culminated in the Day 100 show in September 2018.

On May 1st 2019, the 2nd year of the 100 Days Project Scotland will begin.


"I wanted to find my style and get back into the habit of drawing every day. The 100 Days Project allowed me to do this....I am happy to say I have been drawing every day since."

— Betty Cashmere, 2017 Edinburgh Participant