Day 100?! Well Done Everyone!

Well can you believe it? We have reached Day 100/100.

I still cannot quite believe that we have reached day 100 already! Even though I have been announcing each day, it has surprised me how quickly the numbers crept up; first into double figures and then quicker than I knew it we flew past the milestones like half way and then three quarters...but now we reach the final day of the challenge, and I must offer a hearty well done to everyone who has been involved. 

Not finished yet?...No problem!

As some of you may have noticed, I still have three days of lilies to complete and post for my #islas100lilies project, and I know some of you have expressed concerns about being behind, but do not worry, this is the nature of the project and it is a personal choice as to what to do.

Some people will draw a line today, and say what is done is done.  Some people have had to take a break in the project for personal reasons, but have made decisions to continue on their own timetable. Others have worked on a longer timescale, producing work every 2-3 days, knowing the level of commitment they could give to the project - I do hope you all keep posting with the #100daysprojectscotland tag so we can see your work as it progresses. 

Astrid, who is participating in our Edinburgh Day 100 Show opening on the 31st August, has 22 pieces of work to show due to getting wonderfully carried away in the process she was exploring, but realising she was committing an unsustainable amount of time to the project.  Astrid rightly had to focus on her freelance work, but the work she has produced is playful and delightful, and has opened up a new direction in her illustration work which she had not given herself time to explore without the 100 Days project. 

The exciting thing about this project is to celebrate the process and what it means to you.

What has the process meant to you? 

For me, it has meant daily mark-making, enjoyment gained from drawing, the discovery of new techniques, or re-discovery of processes. The challenge of considering visibility on an origami form which obscures so much, and considering composition in the photograph to best show the work. It has meant an unspoken commitment to myself, to make time for something which is important to me no matter how busy I am, and now with the show approaching it means sharing all this with and supporting others who have taken on a challenge and learned something from it, as we all will have. 

So whether or not your project is complete, whether or not you have 100 creative pieces to show, or to keep private; I say a big well done for getting involved, for challenging yourselves and picking up new processes, going back to old favourites, trying out new materials, or learning something about yourself, your imagination, your curiosity - your creativity!  

Why not come along and see the creative work of 24 participants at the show, opening on August 31st? See Eventbrite for free tickets. 

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