Why am I doing this?

So here goes, the first blog post of the 100 Days Project Scotland - yay!  

I thought I would start off with how I got involved in this in the first place. 

Last May I saw a post, in a Facebook group called "Women in the Arts in Scotland", announcing Emma Rogan's 100 Days Project 2017 start date.  I had seen Emma's TED talk years before, and had seen others attempting similar projects and often thought "I must do that...one day".  

In a moment of self-awareness I realised if I was going to do this, I just had to commit and then tell as many people as possible; the intention needed backed up with mass-accountability partners! As such, I announced it to the group members that I would not only be taking part in the project but I would organise an exhibition in Edinburgh to celebrate the results, whatever they may be. Quite a few responded positively and the idea started to grow.  

I sent out a few feelers to pals I thought would enjoy such a challenge and soon friends began making announcements of their own; by the time the project kicked off on the 22nd May 2017 I already had 9 people committed to the Edinburgh show. 

The project was so enjoyable, at times challenging, and I loved it.  Organising the show was great fun, and on day 103 the Edinburgh show opened with 22 artists showing their work, to over 120 attendees on the opening night alone. 

In anticipation of this years project, I have had the Edinburgh exhibition space booked since January 2018, and with Emma's enthusiastic endorsement decided to start a Scotland based project in association with hers in New Zealand - and here we are. 

As Emma takes a well-earned break this year, there are some bold '100 Dayers' in New Zealand kicking off their projects today with May 1st as Day 1.  With the exhibition space already booked, and a summer with no students ahead of me, I decided on a start date closer to last years.

The 100 Days Project Scotland kicks off on May 14th

There will be an exhibition on Day 110, delightfully giving participants slightly longer than last year to gather their 100 days of effort and get to Edinburgh!

Over the coming days I will be revisiting the work of last years Edinburgh show participants, their work, their thoughts on the project, and more of their thoughts on this coming 100 Days Project.  

Hopefully you will find inspiration in these posts, and get involved, goodness knows the more the merrier! 

(Photography by Ellie Morag www.elliemorag.com)

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