Let's get nostalgic

On September 1st 2017 I was joined by 21 fellow 100-Dayers, from across the UK and Europe (and 1 temporary-Canadian), to exhibit and celebrate our efforts in the Edinburgh Day 100 Show

I like a challenge; so having the space ready to accept 22 artists work for an opening on day 103 was great fun (if not a little bit nerve racking at times).  Armed with a floor plan, my spreadsheets (love a spreadsheet) and some willing friends we set about getting the show up. 

So keen to be a part of it one of our participants, Gavin Blackwell, had booked time off his work and tickets north several days too early.  Following a hasty change of plan, some exchanged train tickets and with the artworks hitching a lift with fellow exhibitor Josie Clementine, Gav arrived fashionably late to the opening with the glow of an exhibitor who hadn’t had to hang his own work.  

Thankfully for Josie Gavin had produced only 2 pieces, that required hung; an exploration of layering, line and form through paint, Gavin’s two acrylic paintings consisted of 100 layers in total, each separated by a transparent layer of varnish. 

Each day we were able to watch the painting develop and constantly change (to see these visit Gavin's project page on the 100DaysProject.co.nz website)

When I asked Gavin what he thought about the 100 Day Project and being a part of the Edinburgh Day 100 Show, this is what he had to say:

“100 days was an amazing way to get back in to the creative process.

I'd just taken up a new studio space at the start of the project and the things I did for 100 days allowed my studio work to flourish.  I'd recommend 100 days to anyone who like myself, thrives under that little bit of pressure."

"Having to create everyday really does become a positive habit.

Keeping up to speed with all of the other 100 dayers really did help to inspire at the end of a long day at work. I'm so glad I was part of this process. Since completing the project, I've generated a whole new body of work that I am sure I would not have arrived at without the 100 day experience. Brilliant!”

The great news is Gavin will be participating in this year’s 100 Days Project, and I cannot wait to see what he explores this time around. 


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