…and we’re off!

I was very excited to see the posts start to appear yesterday as people announced their intentions for the next 100 days, and I began to realize the implications of leading the project as well as doing my own 100 days activities.

At 11:55pm on Day 1 I found myself unconsciously shaking my, now plugged in, iPhone in the hope that would make it switch back on more quickly. I had spent the previous hour thoroughly enjoying colouring a wee grid of squares using my delicious Guggenheim double-ended pencils for the first time (a very thoughtful gift from fellow 100-dayer Solii).  As I folded the first of my 100 context driven origami lilies (#islas100lilies) and set up the photo, my battery unceremoniously died.

As I sat there, waiting…it doesn’t normally take this long to turn back on surely?…I mean, do I ever let the battery die?...midnight struck.  The horror! I'm running the project and I hadn’t managed to get my post up before midnight on day 1, and my subsequent post was so rushed I hadn’t properly announced my intentions for the project.

That’s when I remembered, the only rules of this project are “create and record”

The time sitting peacefully colouring; my satisfaction at folding a new origami form knowing it will become a practice I wont even have to think about by day 100; the consideration I gave to setting up the shot (realizing the origami cranes of last year made photography composition much easier than these lilies are going to); that is what this project is all about.

Sharing the output of the daily endeavours is about celebrating the process, creating a community with other 100-dayers and maybe even inspiring others to try something themselves. 

So this blog post serves to remind everyone involved that it is the intent, the act of creating (whether it’s for minutes or hours) that is important. It’s remembering that showing up is half the battle; creativity comes through the act of doing, not waiting for it to arrive.  Don’t panic if you can't post one day, or worry if you miss a day, keep going. This is your project, yours, and I am so looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Happy creating! 


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