One Week In

The first week of the project has been a delightful one, full of excitement as I watch more and more posts pop up from people getting involved.

As we go through these 100 days I will be casting light on some of the projects, and some insights into what keeps you going; what are your best bits, questions you ask yourself such as “how did I let Isla talk me into this?” and the likes.

Have you seen the faces on the wooden spoons by Vivan French? Vivian loves a face or two; her project last year was a collection of daily photographed faces.  Then there is my good friend and very talented illustrator Eilidh Muldoon who is illustrating Nat Geo’s 100 Places of a Lifetime; Berlin (day 4) is my favourite so far, but I am so excited to see what other wonderful places the list inspires her to draw #100placesofalifetime

The project means different things to different people

For me it is a chance to do something creative everyday, when so often life conspires to make this unlikely without the focus of a project. The chance to experiment with different mark making lets me flex my creativity and the precision of folding an origami form appeases the perfectionist in me. The nice bi-product is that the origami forms build over the days to create a visual journal of my life.

For my dear friend Alexis, this project means something more;

“In the 20 years I’ve been living with anxiety and panic attacks I’ve developed several techniques to keep myself calm and focused. For me, creative distraction is by far the most powerful and the more complicated the better. It’s simple really, your brain can only focus on one thing at a time”.

“I will be knitting a 5” square every day. Each day will be a different stitch pattern, the difficulty of each days stitch will be dictated by my anxiety level on a scale of 1-10 (1 being super chilled & 10 being full blown panic)”.  

Here’s to the success of Alexis’s “100 days of kicking anxiety’s arse” #theanxiousknitter.

There are many more projects going on, and lots of different reasons behind them; I look forward to sharing more of your stories over the next 92 days.


Social media is the best way to keep up to date with everyones projects and having a wee nosey about, here are some facts about project so far; the Facebook page has 37 people in the community; the Instagram feed has 66 followers and the #100daysprojectscotland appears on 224 Instagram posts last time I checked.

A search on the project hashtag on both Facebook and Instagram shows up a wonderful array of projects from new daily words created for a 100-day-dictionary dubbed ‘the flexicon’ #flexicon100 to lovely hand-painted pebbles #100paintedpebbles. If you haven’t searched the hashtag already I thoroughly recommend it.


In case you hadn’t noticed, I am quite enjoying the process of announcing each day on the #dailycount, and as I arranged my carrot tops to form a figure 8, I realize this has become a 100 day project in itself, but why not do two projects (she says optimistically)? 

I imagine this will become tougher as the project unfolds and wonder when I will reach peak elaborateness. The day I find myself looking up sky-writing may be the cue to call upon willing accomplices to keep it up…until then, wish me luck! 

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