100 Days of Dragons

The wonderful thing about the 100 Days Project format, is that anyone can join in, no matter of age or experience. Though I am delighted by all of my fellow participants work, and have been thoroughly enjoying the daily updates, I am very excited to see the continuing work of our youngest participant.

Erin has taken this challenge head on and, at 6 years old, is proving to be a very determined and creative girl indeed! 

Erin, pictured below enjoying her Uncle Craig's work currently on show in Edinburgh, is an avid reader, loves movies (particularly How To Train Your Dragon), and is a huge fan of the Beano.  A wee while ago, Erin's mum interviewed her for the blog and this is how it went; 

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 15.21.40.png

Interview with Erin...

How old are you Erin? 6

Did you know you are our youngest 100 day artist? 
No. To be the youngest makes me feel nervous, because I'm the only kid doing this...

What made you want to do the 100 day project? 
I like doing art and drawing stuff and I went to see it last year

What are you drawing for 100 Days? Dragons

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 15.22.30.png

...100 Days of Dragons

What made you choose dragons? Because they are my favourite animal

Have you a favourite dragon so far? Day 1, the Sea Dragon as Giganticus Maximus

Your mum says you want to sell some dragon cards for charity? Yes

What is your chosen charity and why do you want to help them raise money?  Social Bite.  Becuase it helps homeless people

What are you most enjoying about the 100 day project? Drawing the pictures 

Erin is so looking forward to seeing other people's work at the Day 100 Show.  I am super excited to see all of Erin's dragons on display, and I know her fellow participants will be looking forward to being a part of the same show. 

Here is a very small selection of Erin's dragons. 

Erin and her mum are still discussing the details about what will be on sale to raise money for Social Bite at the show, but if you love dragons (how can you not love dragons?!) and want to help Erin raise money for her chosen charity, be sure to come along to the Day 100 Show; opening on 31st August, and open daily until Tuesday 4th September. 

More details about the show can be found in the last blog post and more information will follow.

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