'Day 100 Show'...a little later than Day 100

What a jam packed summer so far!

The #100daysprojectscotland #dailycount2019, my own #islas100imprints project, completing a Postgrad, work and of course a fair amount of play, have all kept me very busy - so there have been fewer blog posts than I had planned.  

I have been very pleased to see so many posts using the #100daysprojectscotland2019 tag - over 4066 at the last count.  It has been joyful to see such a variety of projects on the go; to name only a few there are daily drawings of beetles, colourful embroidery, pottery spoons, photography, breakdancing variations & freezes, limericks (I don’t know how Kirsty is doing it…and they are hilarious), collage, paper weaving, printing, and lots of different illustrations; some architectural, some fantastical, all wonderful!

As mentioned at the start of this project, there will be a show in the Fire Station in Edinburgh College of Art, part of Edinburgh University, to celebrate the work we have all been doing on this 100 day journey.  The show is a celebration, a chance to share our experiences, and to give us the space to stand back and look at all that creativity we have tapped into over the 100 day project.  

I have been working away in the background on the show and can now confirm that the show will open on September 25th - technically if still counting this would be Day 148.

In 2017 we put on the show on Day 103, oh that was a frantic 3 days! In 2018 we launched the show on Day 110 - a better amount of time to get everything together. This year however, I am not in the country the week the show has previously run. This resulted in us having to find a different space and timeline due to availability.


The Fire Station

The Fire Station at Edinburgh College of Art is booked and it just needs your work to fill it!

There is now an initial sign-up form in the 2019 Show section of the site. This is a simple raising of the proverbial hand to say you want to be involved. More detailed information requests will follow, but for now this is to gauge numbers, get you onto the email list and/or Facebook Group, and to help me start planning.

For those of you who have not been participating, I do hope you will join us on the 25th for the opening (tickets will be available on Eventbrite sometime in August - watch this space) and of the show will be open to the public from Thursday through to Sunday - I do hope you pop in, have a nosey, and maybe be inspired to join in next year!

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